Japanese screws ( JIS ) and Micro screws ( JCIS )

Welcome to the Japanese Screw website - one of the leading global suppliers of tiny fastenings.

We stock and supply a wide range of JCIS micro screws, JIS standard screws, as well as JIS screw and washer assemblies (SEMS). We also specialise in micro machined screws and turned parts from a diameter of M0.4 up to M2.

Our commitment is to supply world class micro screws in a short lead-time, at a competitive price, throughout the world.  If it's standard or special, then we can offer the fastenings you need for micro or nano manufacture. Our engineers also offer the technical support and design services to specify the correct microscrew for every application.

Due to customer demand we are now supplying a mixed kit of micro machine & tapping screws including 32 different diameters and lengths in one box, plus a micro screw driver.  We can delivery the kit anywhere in the world within a few days. Ideal for designers and prototype engineers.

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Originally formed in 1986, Heads & All Threads are now firmly established in Europe and Asia as one of the leading global suppliers of fasteners and related products.

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